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The game for everyone....

AFL Recreational Football is set to kick off during October at venues across the country. Designed so that ‘Everyone can play’; it is less physically demanding, has a minimal time commitment, no risk of serious injury with a major emphasis on fun and safety. Played in a friendly social environment, the game enables people of all ages and ability levels to participate in male, female or mixed competitions.

The AFL Recreational Football philosophy is to provide a fun, social and safe, recreational experience in a community environment that encourages participation. The game is non-contact played between two teams of eight with an unlimited number of interchange players allowed.

The major changes to the traditional rules include:

  1. The field (100m x 50m) is divided into three zones, a 60m mid zone and two 20m scoring zones.
  2. Games generally go for 2 x 20min halves of 4 x 10min quarters.
  3. Teams score by kicking the football to one of three designated forwards in their scoring zone, only forwards can kick for goal after marking the ball in their scoring zone.
  4. If a turnover occurs (i.e when loose ball makes contact with the ground) the opposing team gains possession of the ball from where the ball first made contact with the ground.
  5. The player with the ball is dispossessed when one or both of his/her flags are completely removed by an opponent (flag belts worn).
  6. There is no tackling, bumping or sheparding.

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