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Top players in the last 7 days. If you don't see your name here keep practising you'll get there.

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N.T.2713 days ago

How To Play

Press and release the Kick button to start. The power meter to the left of the kick button will begin. Let the power meter go back and forth until at the correct level.

1. Power

When the power is at a level sufficient to make the distance, press the Kick button. This will set the power and start the skill meter going.

2. Skill

To kick a goal you must press the Kick button when the skill meter is between the goal posts.

Hints & Tips

Power: The more power, the harder it will be to get the skill meter between the goals. Don't use anymore power than is required to make it easier to kick a goal.

Outside 50m: When outside 50m, you're going to need to kick it as hard as you can to make the distance.

Skill: Let the skill meter run while you get a feel for the rhythm.


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